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In 2016, we saw a gap in the Indian live concert business and we started with the first Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival (MILFF2016) – the rest as they say is history.

Event management is a science, and we have to be precise and plan immaculately to pull off any event , be it a private one or a public one with large crowds, like what we are used to doing.

We have a highly skilled team of professionals that can put on a great show. The devil is in the details and let us worry about that for you. Talk to us !

Event Details

Antah Schindler Annual Dinner

Antah Schindler Annual Dinner 2024

The “Back to School” theme provided a nostalgic yet dynamic atmosphere ...

Beyond4 Festival

Beyond4 Festival

BEYOND4 was launched to drive transformation via two platforms ...

Batik Pointillism

Malaysia In 100m Of Batik Pointillism

Indah Atelier Sdn.Bhd has launched “Malaysian in 10m of Batik Pointillism”...

Retro Rahman

Retro Rahman - A Tribute

Date : 7th July 2018
Venue : Hotel Istana KL

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