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Malaysian company Mojo Projects Sdn Bhd is a highly-regarded name in the special events industry. The mission of the company is to deliver unique, creative and outstanding mega events every time and set a new standard in the event management industry. We comprise of professionals in the audio technology field as well as the entertainment arena.

We organized MILFF in 2016 & 2017, with numerous international artistes. It was a sensational hit with great reviews in the social media circle and local media reports. This festival brings together many Indian international performers to Malaysia drawing in large numbers of audience from across Malaysia and abroad. In 2018, we organized 4 concerts from May to September. All concerts received superb reviews and again pushed the boundaries in the local Indian (international) concert sphere.

We invest heavily in social media promotions, via organic, and paid ads, driven by our in-house Mojo PR team, partners Air Asia Redtix digital marketing team, and also more than 35 social media influencers that are a part of #TeamMojo driving both paid and organic reach to levels unheard of for an Indian-based event. We had a shared reach by fans and artistes that crossed 11 million eyes, 5.5 million Google AdWords imprints, 3.7mil views on all our videos on Facebook, 4.6mil impressions on Instagram.

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Thank you @mymojoprojects... When I was a kid I had a dream of performing on a stage and in a grand event! You guys made it come true! Thank you for projecting us all so incredibly stunning on TV! You guys rock!! The entire team was very calm and helpful ever since day 1!! You guys have proven to be the best at your field!! wish you guys all the very best! #teamincredible
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Thanks for this wonderful interview. Good job!
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Babu G Nair
The host is doing a great job. Saw 2 of his interviews today and he is creating a very good ambience for the guests, doesn't cut them in between and talks very good... great job!!
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Sri Ramactech
Whoever gets to watch this, I best believe it be the most unforgettable experience of their life!
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