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Mojo Live Jam


Mojo Live Jam, the rock event of the year, took place on July 22nd, 2023, featuring three incredible bands – Masala Coffee Band, Staccato, and The Banditz. The Banditz took the stage by storm, capturing the hearts of the audience with their fusion of rock, pop, and jazz. Their powerful vocals and impressive guitar solos transported everyone to a bygone era of rock and roll, while their unique contemporary flair added an exciting dimension to their performance.

Next on the bill was Staccato, the genre-bending Chennai-based group that took the audience on a musical rollercoaster ride. With their innovative reinterpretation of classical Carnatic music infused with a contemporary twist, and melodious originals, Staccato’s performance was nothing short of mind-blowing. Known for their diverse musical style that effortlessly blended Indian folk, blues, pop, and rock, the Masala Coffee Band brought a unique fusion of sounds to the stage.

As the concert ended, the echoes of cheers and applause reverberated throughout the venue. Mojo Live Jam had delivered an unforgettable night of music and magic, where the fusion of sounds and the brilliance of each band had left an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone present.

Date : 22 July 2023
Venue : ZeppKL
Runtime : 4 hours

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