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Malaysia Negaraku

This time of the year sees the spirits of Malaysians raised with the emergence of patriotic songs. In commemoration of Malaysia Day, Mojo Projects together with Monsta Village presents you a song featuring the likes of several top rising Malay artistes such as Fara Dolhadi, Kungfu Heidi, Bobby D, Syahjacker and Sayfire.

This song depicts unity, strength and patriotism within this diverse nation. Among the popular ones are Tanggal 31 Ogos, Warisan and Keranamu Malaysia. Joining the pack is the latest Malaysia Negaraku which features young, fresh talent. Performed by a new generation of artists, the song exemplifies diversity not only in its lyrics but in its performance style as well.

MC Bullet is no stranger to the Malaysian music industry. He has been involved in the local hip-hop scene as a rapper, producer, sound engineer and owner of music label, Monsta Village Entertainment for over 22 years. Together with local composer MC Bullet, Mojo Projects produced the patriotic song Malaysia Negaraku, which focuses on unity.

A catchy production that uses vintage pictures of prominent Malaysians to rekindle the spirit of patriotism.

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