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Retro Rahman 3.0


Mojo Projects has raised the bar in the Malaysian entertainment setting with the Retro Rahman 3.0 concert, showcasing the incredible talents of Srinivas, Haricharan, Sharanya Srinivas, Rakshitha, and Abhilash. These exceptional singers have made a name for themselves in the Indian music industry with their heavenly voices and unparalleled skills, earning countless accolades and awards.

At the concert, held at Zepp KL, Retro Rahman 3.0 artistes were backed by the talented and dynamic Groove Culture Band, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivated the audience from start to finish. The performers delivered soulful renditions of golden classics, infusing each song with their unique styles and personalities, leaving the crowd spellbound.

In addition to the stunning musical performances, the concert was also a visual feast, with vibrant lighting and stunning visuals that enhanced the overall experience. With the perfect blend of music, art, and entertainment, Retro Rahman 3.0 was truly a night to remember.

Date : 6 May 2023
Venue : ZeppKL
Runtime : 4 hours

Retro Rahman 3
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