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Family Man

“Family Man Returns” was Praveen Kumar’s highly anticipated sequel to his hit stand-up show, “Mr. Family Man.” In this uproarious comedy performance, Praveen took audiences on a hilarious journey, sharing tales about the challenges and triumphs of sustaining as a family man. Throughout the show, Praveen delved into various aspects of family life, entertaining the audience with relatable anecdotes about school admissions, house hunting, travel experiences, friendships, marriage, and the comical dynamics among fellow boomers.

His unique perspective and comedic prowess left the audience in stitches. Praveen Kumar is widely recognized as one of India’s leading stand-up comedians, boasting an impressive following of over 15 million views on his YouTube page. His talent and wit have garnered him significant acclaim, including his role as a judge on the hit comedy property, Comicstaan. “Family Man Returns” took place on the 11th of February 2023, at the renowned venue RexKL, where Praveen entertained the crowd for a delightful runtime of 75 minutes. The show was a roaring success, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained and laughing throughout the evening.

Date: 11th February 2023
Runtime: 75 minutes
Venue: RexKL

Praveen Kumar
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