5 Elements of Retro Rahman 2.0

Retro Rahman 2.0

About a week ago, Boggler Blogger managed to get a chance to relive the magic of last year’s Retro Rahman, with MOJO Project’s 2019’s Retro Rahman 2.0, bigger and better. It has been a week, but the magic spread did not wear off even a little! Here we are counting down to the Top 5 magical moment from Mojo’s Retro Rahman 2.0.

1. Satyaprakash

This man stole my heart with Nallai Allai (Katru Veliyidai) and since then, his voice became my comfort zone. I can’t express what is it with his voice, it feels like I’m home every single time I listen to him. And to hear him singing live, up close and personal, the feeling was surreal.  Especially when he sang “Enna Solla Pogirai” and “Soniya”, I fell in love, once again. And that one time he managed to hit Udit Narayanan’s pitch for “Kadhalikkum Pennin” from Kadhalan that was a beautiful surprise!

2. Sadhana Sargam

I cannot imagine another perfect song for Retro Rahman to relive his golden era, the 90s with other than Konjum Mainakkaley from Kandukonden Kandukonden. And who is there better to sing it than Sadhan Sargam, who recorded this masterpiece under the legendary A.R.R.? Her voice, her grace, her presence, everything about Sadhana Sargam is a treat for the eyes, ears and soul.

3. A. R. Rahman

Call it being biased, but this show wouldn’t have happened without the Mozart of Madras and his love for music. A huge thank you for handpicking the songs to be presented and songs like Udhaya, Mullumathi and En Swasakatre made a comeback to my playlist, and haven’t stopped being on repeat since then!

4. Musical Battle of Minsara Kanna

Srinivas is downright my favourite male singer. And Harini, I think I already wrote a paragraph of my lady crush on her for Retro Rahman 2018. When both these legends perform a classic hit, IT WAS THE ABSOLUTELY MAJESTIC! It was breathtaking to hear this perfect rendition, especially live, on stage!

5. Musicians

Let’s all say it loud and clear once again. THANK YOU MOJO FOR NOT PROVIDING THESE AMAZING SINGERS WITH KARAOKE TRACKS! From Anil Srinivasan to Karthick Devaraj. They made the show what it is and whether its Kathick’s lady crush’s jokes or Anil’s unplugged session, it was a feast.

There are so much to love about these concert, but these are my most favourite 5 elements that made this event unique, for the second installation! Can’t wait to know what Mojo has for us for their upcoming event on November 2019. And to those who couldn’t join for this round, we will see you there!

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