Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Retro Rahman 2.0!

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Retro Rahman 2.0 – Relive the Magic brought to you by Mojo Projects was a spectacle of musical legend AR Rahman’s most loved tracks from the 90s, voiced by star singers like Mano, Srinivas, Harini, Sadhana Sargam, and Super Singer fame Sathya Prakash. Astro Ulagam was the official online media partner.

With an epic line-up of celebrity musicians, the nostalgic journey down 90s ARR music began with Mano’s rendition of ‘Oruvan Oruvan Muthalali’, a perfect start to a perfect evening.

It’s impressive how the legendary singer camouflaged his greeting to the Divine with a catchy Thalaivar song. Then came along Harini, mesmerising the audience with her first film song ‘Nila Kaigirathu’.

But, we are not going to give out every single detail of the concert. For those who have missed it, allow us to tease you with some of the most epic moments throughout
that night :

The Time Srinivas & Harini Recreated Padayappa’s Song Battle

Padayappa’s ‘Minsara Poove’ song never gets old. It’s safe to say the song is in the favorite list of every Rahmaniac. Listening to singers Srinivas and Harini singing it live on-stage was an out-of-the-world experience. Simply majestic, especially the final part where the singers battled it out in full force.

The Time Karthik Became the Highlight of the Night

For those who closely follow Super Singer, Karthick Devaraj must be a familiar face. Many legendary singers and musicians have complimented his incredible keyboard skills. While the focus was on the star singers of the night, Mano couldn’t help but bring Karthik in his conversations between performances. Karthick’s relationship status and his huge female fan following was a hot topic the entire night!

The Time Anil Srinivasan Cracked the Funniest Jokes

The session with famous pianist Anil Srinivasan was indeed very unique. HIs larger than life personality and funny jokes were a break from the music. He spoke to the crowd, and made them laugh, shout and express themselves. He led an interactive unplugged session with all the singers and it was a melodious feast for music lovers!

The Time Singers Thought the Crowd Sang Better Than Them

During the unplugged session, the crowd went ahead of themselves and started singing every single line of their favorite songs. It got to a point where the singers were more eager to hear from the crowd than to sing it themselves. Imagine how amazing is that!

The Time Sathyaprakash Shocked the Crowd by Changing His Voice

During one of the performances, Mano stopped Sathyaprakash leaving the crowd in a state of shock. He asked Sathyaprakash to sing the song ‘Kadhalikum Pennin’ from Kadhalan the way its original singer, Udit Narayan, sang it. That’s when the magic happened. His singing was flawlessly similar to and an unexpected surprise to the crowd who cheered even louder for the young, rising singer after that!

The Time Mano Hits the Stage with ‘Mukkala Mukkabala’

Throughout the night, the crowd was craving for this one song that transcends every other song. While it took singer Mano until the end of the show to actually sing it, the timing was undeniably perfect. The crowd went gaga with squeals of excitement and the song’s iconic dance moves.
There was just so much more to love about this concert than these 6 moments. Catch the amazing concert on 1st and 2nd May at 6pm on Vinmeen HD CH231!

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