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2018’s Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival 2018 (or the more popular acronym MILFF 2018) had its 3rd year running and ended its final show for the year entitled Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival 2018 MILFF Main Stage last Saturday, 8th September 2018 at Kenanga Wholesales City (KWC), Jalan Kenanga

After 2017’s installation which had the crème de la crème of artistes, it was in everyone’s interest on how this festival will develop over the years to come. Mojo Projects then unveiled its ingenious offer of having not one or two, but 4 shows in a single calendar year. We will need an official feedback from the organizers on the feasibility of this approach in terms of revenue but what happened was a multitude of choice, packages and opportunity to witness a large cascade of musicians and bands over the 4 concerts. Indeed a pleasurable experience for music festival goers at large.

As per norm the VIP and VVIP were treated to a good food spread (it was definitely a lot more than just a mere hi- tea). Concert in true MILFF fashion started sharp on time. The first on stage was Malaysia’s very own #PU4LYF familia. As per pre- concert scoop, the branding put forth a myriad of musicians and DJ’s on stage. For the first time ever, #PU4LYF took it to a notch further with an astounding all Malaysian LIVE band backing them up.  For those who knew them already, their favorite hits was belted out one after another and the crowd getting into a frenzy at’ Vai-lapalam’. These guys really do know how to put on a show, with special mentions to Lawrence Soosai, RABBIT.MAC and Sheezay. Considering the fact that they have one of the largest following in the country, admin would’ve preferred for this act to have come on later part in the evening, where more people arrived at the festival ground.

After a quick chat by the emcee’s with members of #PU4LYF, the stage was set to receive @Satya Prakash vocal, Pooja V. The stage space was used very well, with the layout giving seated musicians as well as standing ones an equal view. Comes in after a couple of songs, is the Maestro himself, Rajesh Vaidya. It has been sometime Malaysia has seen him. If you need to see how a South Indian Classical Veena sound like a rock guitar, ask the Maestro. He had the crowd jumping into a frenzy, while sitting merely, cross legged! His band cleverly supported him with exemplary ‘kunnakol’ and percussive inviting intrusions laid over soothing keys as well. The set ended on an extremely high note. What a rock out!

3rd set was helmed by Sasi The Don, Malaysia’s very own reggae ambassador. This time, he put together an impressive team, with some notable names like Kudin on the keys, Badar on the percussion’s, Sivam on the drums, Saranon vocals. When the set started, the band come on tight and strong. Then the Don takes stage and very soon, many a moment turned south. There was more chatter in the 45 minute set than there was music. Although this marked a probable come back for him, it’s in the admins view that crowd does not need to be reminded of past successes. Every musician knows that any muso is only good as his/her last endeavor.It was evident that the band only had one or few rehearsals together. However, the king of collaborations (past feature tributes include Dr Alban and Apache Indian to name a couple) saved his performance with the surprise cameo of Anuradha Sriram. A ball of energy she was! Belting out a couple of songs with the Don including the new unreleased single of Sasi featuring Anuradha herself. However, a minus one version wasn’t available and the voice over the recording didn’t jive out well. This is the case when sound checking needs to be looked into as no miming is practiced in such LIVE shows. Anuradha then went on to sing a beautiful dedication to Sasi. Admin wished the keys was in sync with Anuradha  but it did not happen right to the end. Overall, an unimpressive showing from this Malaysian act only to be saved by a strong band and featured artist. Hope to see much improvement to come as he makes a comeback.

Taking some time off for the Muslim brethren prayer time the MC’s kept the crowd upbeat with their clever and funny banter, a special mention of MILFF MC staple, Aanantha THR Raaga. Gift of the gap, as they say!

Coming on stage next, was Sean Roldan and band. Now this was the band that admin was waiting for and it did not disappoint. From his originals to his sound track numbers, the band delivered fantastic numbers back to back. Keeping talk to a minimum, sighting a shy nature and a clever ‘speaking in the first’ on scree montage by Sean himself, the set up was entertaining as much as it was enjoyable. The crowd was ecstatic to see this indie artist- turned film music composer giving his best both vocally and at home with his silent guitar. What a band backing the music up so beautifully. A quick mention that the funky bass lines was provided by none other than MILFF favorite, Aalaap Raju. Notable musos, Pradeep Kumar  on the slide guitar and Nikhil Ram e flutist/saxaphonist who stole the hearts of many in the previous installation as well. Two thumbs up.

Throughout the MILFF experience over the last 3 years, many female concert goers were given heart throb moments from many male super stars. This time, then men got feted the same. None other than the lovely Andrea Jeremiah and her band comes on stage. An eye candy for sure, no less in her powerful vocals and repertoire. Backed up eloquently by an amazing band with none other than keyboard muscle, Leon James. Her known hits should have been belted out more but her approach was cleverly festival-esque and her covers delivered none the less. The festival goers were on fire by the time she ended.

The finale for the day, was Benny Dayal and the Funktuation band. Benny delivered 100% of his capacity, his famed numbers and covers at large. The ‘Indian Usher’ with his slick dance moves and vibrant energy had concert goers on their feet. What a crescendo ending!


The seating layout was in the normal sense with rock out places clearly allocated. Enough space at the back for dining and fnb purchase. Over all satisfactory. SEGA IRAMA SDN BHD provided a good lighting delivery. No major feed backs where sound was concerned as well.

Time and crowd management, fnb options, ease of ticketing are few of many attributes Mojo has been able to deliver through its MILFF branding. This finale show for 2018 was in no way any less, if at all only improved as feed backs are taken to heart and implemented wisely.

Now comes to the future and beyond. Being the Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival, the tie up with Silver Tree India has been fruitful thus far and India producing many indie outfits sees a continuous supply of musos as well. Will there be an incorporation of Indian fusion acts from other Indian diaspora’s of the globe? Can we be treated to a proscenium seating in installments to come? Only time will tell. Kudos to the organizers and the supporters of MILFF. Keep THRIVING!

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