4 Reasons You Can’t Miss Mojo’s Retro Rahman Concert This Saturday

Calling all AR Rahman fans – and that probably means every single person who is reading this. Thanks to Mojo Projects, there’s going to be an epic concert at the Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur this Saturday, on the 7th of July – and we’re going to tell you why you just can’t miss it!

1. Because AR Rahman, duh.

4 Reasons 1

A legend. Music maestro. A virtuoso. There’s honestly not enough adjectives in this world to capture AR Rahman’s talent. The Oscar-winning musician has gifted us with countless evergreen hits, dating all the way back to our childhood, up until the present moment.

We can’t even curate a playlist without including at least 25 songs from AR Rahman. From classics like Bombay, Roja, Dil Se, to Jeans, Alaipaayuthey, Taal, Ghajini, including Superstar hit movies like Muthu, Padaiyappa, Shivaji – AR Rahman is everywhere, conquering Kollywood, Bollywood, and even Hollywood!

2. The star-studded line-up

What’s better than a night full of AR Rahman’s compositions being powered by the vocals of our favourite A-list stars? We have veteran singer Unnikrishnan, who gave us some beautiful numbers like Poovukkul (Jeans), Kaatrae En Vaasal (Rhythm), Ennavale (Kadalan), and many more.

He will be flanked by another seasoned crooner, none other than Unni Menon. Unni Menon, together with AR Rahman, blessed us with songs like Nathiye Nathiye Nathiye (Rhythm), Dhandiya (Kadhalar Thinam), Poongatrile (Uyire) – among others.

To add icing to the cake, we also have Harini joining the party. Harini sang Varayo Thozhi (Jeans), alongside Sonu Nigam, Shahul Hameed, Harini, Sangeetha. She’s also worked with AR Rahman on other movies like Alaipayuthey, Padaiyappa, Kadhal Virus, Mudhalvan, and more.

The trio will be joined by renowned Indian pianist – Anil Srinivasan and the Fort Cochin band. And guess who will be jamming with Anil Srinivasan as an opening act to the epic night? Our very own Aanantha from THR Raaga!

3. Haripriya – an AR Rahman protégé

We love Haripriya’s story. She was just a young girl, competing in Super Singer Junior 4. She didn’t win the show – she finished third – but she was spotted by AR Rahman who was impressed with her singing and took her under his wings. Now she’s a star touring the world. We can’t wait to watch her performing AR Rahman’s hit songs right here in Kuala Lumpur!

4. You will probably know every single song… and all the words to it

We can all agree that if we were to list all of AR Rahman’s hit songs, this list will go on forever. The best part about AR Rahman songs are that they are so memorable, and you probably don’t even realise that half your head is just full of his hits. Think Sonia Sonia, Thilana Thilana, Thayya Thayya, and pretty much every song you grew up listening to – this man was probably responsible for it!

So don’t forget to get your tickets TODAY for Retro Rahman: A Tribute – featuring Unnikrishnan, Unni Menon, Harini, Haripriya, along with Anil Srinivasan and the Fort Cochin band and Aanantha THR!

Thank you Mojo Projects. See you all on Saturday!

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