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NST Rahul Nambiar

MUSIC lovers will know the voice of India’s Rahul Nambiar, whose singing has made hits for Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies including the 2009 Bhagyadevatha.

The 36-year-old, who will perform in Malaysia, made headlines when he won the country’s Sun TV’s reality singing contest called Sapthaswarangai in 2001. The management Master’s graduate was working in a bank then, but that win set him on the path of a playback singer, starting with the Tamil film Dishyum in 2006.

“Reality shows are a blessing for many singers,” says Rahul. “The challenge contestants today face is that once they get the sudden limelight and face the real world, the reality of things hit them.

“It’s a tough world, filled with competition, and comes with its own ups and downs — mostly never in your control, studio sessions are unlike reality show singing where they sing a song that has already been sung by an artiste.

“I feel the contestants must be ready for new challenges, be confident and easy about how to deal with the challenges in this ever-changing world of the music industry. Innovation, willingness to learn and staying humble enough to accept the audience’s review of your performances will make way for a brighter future.”

After several hits on movies, and a 2011 Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer (Telugu), the versatile singer from Kannur in Kerala has also started a band with Kerala pal, Aalap Raju, and turned out an album of four single music videos, called Trash, in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam, featuring rappers Lady Kash and Krissy. The music videos were a fun watch.

Says Rahul: “Trash was my first attempt at almost everything — composing, arranging, acting and even video editing. Independent music doesn’t have too many producers so I put in about 8 lakhs (about RM50,000) for the project. It was fun to work with Lady Kash and Krissy from Singapore.”

He will be performing in an 80s musical in Malaysia.

“The show, Madras: An 80s Musical, will relive that glorious decade of Tamil music. It is a celebration of not only music directors such as MSV, Ilayaraja, Shankar Ganesh, and others, but also lyricists like Vaali, Vairamuthu etc and singers like SP Balasubramaniam, Yeshudas, and Malaysia Vasudevan, among others.”

Rahul feels the unique combination of Aalap, and playback singers Ranjith Govind and Saindhavi, along with Aalaap’s band, would bring out smiles and tears.

“A musician is nothing without his or her audience and when the audience loves you, there is no better high than that. The best audience reaction is when they love your performance, and ask you for more by the end of the show! The love that they give you, that truly sums up the impact you have created for that moment in their lives!” says the self-confessed big-time foodie and traveller.

“Post a gig, my routine is to dine at the smallest and biggest restaurants in that city. I also love the sport of badminton and I play it regularly.”

Rahul is in the music industry because he simply loves music.

“I love music and I love to perform. But I also believe each day is new, each performance is new so I have to keep going and give my best every single time.”

Madras: An 80s Musical is the kick-off for the third edition of the Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival (MILFF).

Rahul’s show is one of three mini concerts, which includes a Rahman Retro – A Tribute on July 7, before the main stage event at Axiata Arena at Bukit Jalil set for Sept 8.

Article By : SUBHADRA DEVAN, subhadra@nst.com.my

Fact Box

  • Madras: An 80s Musical
  • When: May 5, 6pm-11pm
  • Where: Hotel Istana Mahkota Ballroom
  • Tickets from RM140

Visit https://airasiaredtix.com/madras or email info@mojoprojects.asia

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