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MILFF 2016: A review

Malaysian Independant Live Fusion Festival 2016, a clever moniker #MILFF happened last Saturday at KWC Fashion Mall with fabulous acts gracing the stage, namelylocal world fusion music super band AkashA Malaysia, and the rest from India – Haricharan and his backing band Bennet and the Band, infamous Karthik Singer and Krew, fusionistas Masala Coffee and closing act Thaikudam bridge.

Aptly titled the Epic concert, the show started with Akasha Malaysia working their magic with their original tunes. For the initiated, it was obvious a few of their original members were not on stage. However, the music was not compromised. The Malaysian band on stage, rocking it to the Irish tune with a concert going Irish woman clad in a salwar kameez doing the Irish jig was a testament to what a brilliant night it was going to be. The only change that was needed was a riser platform. Being cross legged musicians the monitors and lightings were blocking the visual aspect of the band.

Masala Coffee then took stage. A clever concoction of both original and cover numbers took the crowd into a frenzy. Indian musicians are known to be precise in their arrangements and mathematical permutations. The singers prowess (Sooraj Santhosh) was backed eloquently by the band.

Singer Haricharan who’s no new comer to Malaysia enthralled both his fans and audience at large with his familiar numbers. Some interesting keyboard, flute and guitar works provided by Bennet and the Band, who were incidentally the first time in Malaysia. It was a flawless performance leaving the crowd hungry for more. We would like to see Haricharan more with Bennet and the Band

It is worthy to note that the evening was kept tight between band changes by the notorious brothers Aanantha THR Raaga and @Ram together with another THR Raaga Malaysia announcer Yaashini Devi. Much kudos to all 3 of them.

The diva moment of the night was provided by none other than Karthik Singer. HIs krew did an amazing job. It was clear though that there were problems with the monitors on stage. The piece worth mentioning was his well loved fusion take of ‘Bandureethi’ with the Krew. His partisans (who definitely consists largely of the female gender) loved his set. Personally, his set could have been much better.

The finale for the night, perhaps the headliner of this festival would be Thaikudam bridge. Their piquant renditions of both cover and original numbers (Govind P Menon Thaikkudam Bridge) was delivered with the energy and rawness they are known for. A must have band in any festival. Thaikudam bridge’s debut appearance in Malaysia left a lasting impression.

For newbie Mojo Projects, MILFF2016 was a winner. Given the damper how A.R Rahman’s concert was organized earlier this year by another event organizer, most of the festival’s throng were cautious. It was a pleasant surprise to have a well organized show for a change.

Every festival does have its hiccups. The crowd for the food and drink vendors was overwhelming. The organizers should include more options and ease of being served. Speaking to the artists after the show, there were obvious sound problem’s on stage. The superb handling of the crowd by the security personnel was a win, however at a festival, crowd should be allowed to dance and move up towards the stage, to the beckoning of the bands.

All in all, it was a festival that brought together a diverse group of fusion music lovers. Much kudos to all involved. Hope to see future installments to come.

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#MILFF 2017 – A Thrive Talent Tank (Admin Review)

Boasting a star studded performer listing, the 2nd edition of the @Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival took place last Saturday 9,9.2017 at the KWC Fashion Wholesale event hall.

Right from get go, it must be noted that the organizers Mojo Projects took heed of all the feedback from our first review of the 2016 installation. Points noted was actual standing area in front of the stage for festival throngers to rock out. This time, people found their way to the car park alot easier as a good pre-concert info sharing was done by the organizers. Plenty of options for food and beverage. Although personally the coupon system for purchase caused an additional layer of time waiting.

The concert was scheduled from 5.30pm to 11.30pm. In true MILFF style, timing was precise and none wasted. By the time admin arrived however, the first act of Jatayu featuring Sooraj Santhosh was over. Speaking to people who were there, the band delivered its very best however knowing Sooraj from his last years debut at the festival with Masala Coffee, most of the festival people missed him with his original outfit. Sooraj as per expectations delivered 100%.

The 2nd band up was Aalaap Raju and his comrades. He had the crowd eating out of his hands in minutes with cleverly chosen hit songs. It’s always a treat when the bassist is the frontliner of any given band where rhythm-centricness delivers that extra punch. Accentuated with well coordinated movie scene projections, the band responded ‘pukka’ with haunting BGM’s that took the festival goers into a myriad of yesteryear emotions. A special mention to the violinist of the band who did an amazing job. It’s the admins personal view that his mic could have been better.

Warmed up nicely by them, came on one of the most notable stars in the industry, Vijay Prakash, introduced in by Raju had people screaming their lungs off in anticipation. Familiar with him from his many visits to Malaysia, it was clear to see that he was having fun on stage backup up eloquently by Aalaap Raju‘s band. The crowd broke into a frenzy when our very own Balan Kashmir hit the stage with his rap poetry. Vijay left the audiences wanting for more and his comment of asking the organizers for a longer slot next year was a testament to the feel good factor all round.

Holding their was obvious that many young patrons were waiting up for the one and only Sid Sriram and his boys. Dedicating his performance to a friend he lost earlier that morning he asked the audience to give his friend a grand musical send of. What a performance it was! The depth of his Carnatic training (you cannot forget to mention Latha Sriram, Sid’s mothers love and training of the South Indian Clasical artform) flowed freely on all his runs to his well loved tunes.

Crowd was singing their hearts of in unison. His band was exceptionally tight. Most of them who had been for Sids concert in January will remember his back up team. Leon James showed what a monster he was on keys with equally snarling Tapass Naresh on the drums and a kilt laden guitarist who was as colorful and energetic as the whole band. @Balan Kashmir had 2nd feature with Sid’s band. In the admin’s personal view the diction did not come across clearly through the front of house probably due to a mic issue but the energy was just as high as the entire band. A special mention for the unplugged number with keys and amazingly played Ganjira by the percussionist. Spectacular set.

In every festival there’s normally the title band that everyone comes out for. Agam was out in full force. Made popular by Youtube for fans in Malaysia, this was their first performance in Malaysia. Lead vocalist Harish Sivaramakrishnan brought his signature brand of rock infused carnatic music at forefront with covers of popular numbers. The fans who knew, loved the show and for the uninitiated it was as educational as it was inspiringly entertaining.

A special mention must be made about the well rendered job by the MC’s for the evening. Having this many big names on one stage is no simple feat and they tied it in as seamlessly as possible.

#Milff2017 was everything people hoped for in many ways exceeding. A well planned event with few or no hiccups. Well organized sound and lighting, seating, crowd flow and itinerary. Some image paneling issues for people who were seated in the 2nd section section towards the middle but this was quickly handled by the organizers. Fantastic crew, security all round.

Everyone’s question. Who will Mojo Projects be bringing down in 2018? Let’s wait and see!

Retro Rahman- An Admin Review by Thrive Talent Tank

The Malaysian Independant Live Fusion Festival, otherwise known as MILFF was the brainchild of Mojo Projects  saw 2 excellent installations in 2016 and 2017. The new format for 2018 saw 3 concerts ( Read Review 1 here: and Review 2 here: ) amalgamating into a final 4th show this coming September. Simply a superb idea encompassing everything a concert needs to have and abide by.

The quick reminder of absolute fantastic punctuality came for the call to start in 5 minutes with ushers going around the VIP area reminding everyone to join the fun inside. Very little concert organizers have ever managed to get this right. Mojo stands a class apart for this alone. As much as the food buffet options by Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre was a spread by itself, the action was awaiting inside the performance hall.

This 3rd installation on 7th July 2018 entitled Retro Rahman – A Tribute was themed as a tribute to the top notch composer A.R is on What better way to celebrate the epitome of his compositions than to feature the stalwarts of his music. On stage was the power foursome Singer Unnikrishnan (Kalaimamani P Unnikrishnan) Unnimenon, Harini singer and the petite but (what a voice) Super Singer 2015 2nd runner up Hari Priya Singer .Tying all of them up was the piano man of Chennai, Anil Srinivasan

What’s there to say when you have the best of the best on stage, backed by an awesome band as well. Every rendition was perfect, effortless and taking us concert goers into a frenzy of delight. The amazing compositions of Rahman came to life with all the various songwriters precious lyrics , sung superbly on stage and hummed equally well on the floor by the audience. Pure magic.

A few mentions definitely. Firstly would be the candidness of the piano man Anil Srinivasan who seamlessly tied everyone in in his acoustic segment with the singers. A special kudos to our Mannin Mainthar, Aanantha THR Raaga for keeping his singing proficiency as good as his well known compering skills. Great effort to see the collaboration of Malaysian artiste with the act itself rather than a stand alone performance.

The Fort Cochin Band was spectacular, tight and nicely arranged. Show stealer was none other than flautist, @Karthik. Exuberant performance, needless to say, breathtaking with all pun intended!

Rahmans ageless hits could’ve taken a 2 day concert on its own. However, this 4 hour treat for the 3000 strong crowd was a feat like never before and the crowd lapped every single moment of it. The concert ended with everyone on the floor dancing away to well loved dancy tunes of the great AR Rahman.

Putting every single feedback into action, Mojo Projects leaves nothing more to be desired, with exceptional planning, ticket sales, crowd handling, concert format. A perfect 10.

Looking forward to the final installation, Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival 2018 MILFF Main Stage on the 8th of September, 2018. This time, it’s taking place at a Stadium, which will be a first for Mojo. Looking forward to see the perfectly executed branding they have made themselves into plus the amazing line up at this most festive and deserving finale.

Madras – An 80’s Musical Review – Thrive Talent Tank

The most awaited start to the quadruple treat by Mojo Projects for 2018 happened last Saturday, 5th May 2018 at Mahkota Ballroom of Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Mojo Projects knows to be organisers of a class apart delivered yet again with a simple yet effective format which drew some 900 people. From doorstep ticket delivery, discounted early tix purchase, VIP and VVIP pre- concert dining experience, the scene was set to have a smooth ‘MOJO’ experience as concert throngers have been used to over the last 2 installations.

The concert kicked off with all participants on stage, a nice preview of what will be in store. It was exciting to see front liners, Sun TV’s 2001 Sapthaswarangal winner Rahul Nambiar with a melodica and Ranjith Govind(Hey Penne hit from 2002’s Aasai Aasaiyai) with a guitar at the commencement. The evening quickly unfolded with cleverly chosen songs of from the golden 80’s era. In the words of Aalaap Raju when it comes to the 80s, 30 hours is not enough let alone.It was the admin’s point of note when the venue was changed from the previous years into a hotel ball room. However, Mahkota Ballrooms perfect low ceiling minimized any clap back factor, thus rendering a cosy venue for a music performance.

The hall was clearly marked out from the Standard right up to the VVIP. Although at sight the speakers were not hoisted, sound was in equilibrium throughout the hall and was well balanced. It’s in the admins view that better use of lights during the show could have been executed. Stage was set well giving maximum view of all musicians and singers and the use of in ear monitors provided a neat stage not obstructing our view as no proscenium seating was available.

The concert was cut out into segments, cleverly weaved in with AV presentation that introduced the segments to come. Well thought off, an ‘anjali’ segment for actress Sri Devi and her 80s movie hits were presented in a beautiful ‘acapella semi acoustic’ set where small yet powerful Saindhavistole hearts of many. Localizing the content as such, another segment was dedicated to songs by our very own- the late Malaysian Vasudevan, delivered extremely well by the singers and the band. His songs got people moving in their seats and you could see the crowds in their 40’s finding it tough to contain themselves at hits like Poove, Illaya Poove. Aalaap also made a point to bring out numbers from other 80’s hits composers besides Ilayaraja which was very refreshing, thus encompassing the best an act can in a 3 hour show. However, it’s the admins view that less amount of AV presentation could have increased the performance time on stage.

Aalaap Raju and his mighty band, provided the awesome support for the front liners. Known already from their debut at the MOJO concert series in 2017, many Malaysian musicians turned out to witness them at their best once again. Drummer extrodinaire Siddharth Nagarajan provided the well executed hammer-man techniques almost in a metronome – like fashion. Although there wasn’t a tabla/mridangam or any other traditional percussions the 80’s golden era highlighted at sight, percussionist Vikram Rozario – Percussion brought all the required sounds well complimenting the band with his amazing musicianship. Carnatic and fusion violinist @Raghav ‘sung’ his violin impeccably with lead guitarist Josh Mark Raj setting both the electric and acoustic guitar licks perfectly down. All 4 of the musicians were given their space to solo out for a bit. It was in the admins view that bass guitarist Aalaap and keyboardist Karthik Devaraj who a monsters of session playing in Chennai should’ve taken some time to solo out as well.

The highlight from 2017 festival, the BGM scoring played out by Aalaap’s band was a segment that returned this year by popular demand. However, as much as the sentiments were played out to perfection, it’s in the admins view that the BGM video that was projected against the main back drop should have been played on the side screens too. The drums, drummer and musicians in front ate into the video projection thus not delivering the fullest experience from 2017.

3 full hours went by so quickly. The crowds reactions to both fast and slow numbers was amazing, showcasing a very mature, 80’s loving attitude and mind set. They lapped up every number. It was interesting to see people in their 50s and 60’s smiling silently, going back into their yesteryears. As a Mojo concert series follower, admin was used to the tight run schedules with band changes. It was nice to experience a more relaxed environment where time was taken between songs, on stage quick discussions, nods, smiles, faces made amongst musicians and singers. One could almost feel the candidness and relaxed ambiance on stage; off stage. Tying everything into the perfect package, was our very own Aanantha THR Raaga who was the MC compere for the evening. As per the previous installations, he has become a crowd favorite and the festival staple cajoling the crowd and setting the tempo right for the performances.

This year however, since there was a pre- concert buffet options for VIP ticket holders and above, many standard ticket buyers were not aware that beverage options at the back of the hall was made available as there were no announcements. Also, being in a ballroom, there could have been hotel guidelines about people dancing in front (in 2016 review, the admin put this forward and the organizers implemented this in 2017). However, that did not stop the roaring crowd, from putting on their dance shoes or taking off their stilettos to the beat of the band. The concert ended in a roaring crescendo with no time wasted and a perfect exit with the usual well orchestrated security.

With an amazing experience at hand, it will be no wonder to see all 3 other ‘Awesome Threesome’ remainder concerts for 2018 being a sell out as well. Looking forward!

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Triple Treat – A Battle of the Bands – review by Thrive Talent Tank

When Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival or #milff 1st installation came on back in 2016 ( read review here: ), it was clear that the highlight and core of the festival will be about fusion based bands. Hence, the 2nd concert of the 4 planned for 2018 by Mojo Projects which took place at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre, last Saturday, 9th June 2018, was one everybody looked forward to. It was to highlight 3 super acts from Chennai and one very own home grown act.

Oddly, when the admin went in as the first act commenced, only about 25% of the hall was occupied,. The 1st act was Music Kitchen featuring Abi Manyu all being Malaysian boys. They came out hard and strong, and went on to display their unique rendition and fusion work. The front liner Arvindraj’s vox microphone had problem throughout his performance and it was not successfully corrected till the very end. The band’s energy was captivating. A special mention of Abi Manyu’s superb vocal delivery. Looking forward to more things coming from them in the future.

The 2nd act was the much awaited Agam. Known from all their YouTube hits and also their debut at the MILFF 2017 concert ( read review here: ). The organizers however, took a 30 minute break time between the 1st act and Agam’s slot to facilitate the Muslim brother’s breaking of fast. That also bought the time, for when Agam took the stage, the floor was 90% full! Agam came on with its signature progressive rock-carnatic fusion, belting out crowd favorites. The drummer of the band, despite being a new line up member did extremely well with vocalist Harish Sivaramakrishnan taking full control of his vocal range. At one number, Agam invited Malaysia’s own Sivagami Selvarajan (dancer) onto the stage. While her performance itself was a barathantyam fusion exploratory work which she did execute pretty well, it’s in the admins view that the performance did not need to have the dancer on. It took away the focus of the viewers and in some ways marred the viewing capacity as well. She gracefully exited her performance before the number ended. The band was in top form and ended in a robust high.

The 3rd band to showcase was Naresh Iyer and his band helmed by Navneeth. Naresh famous for his hits like ‘Roobaroo’ and ‘Munthimum Parthenae’ brought on a very energetic performance with the wonderful band backing him up. Navneeth’s rendition on the keys were exceptional, with his well known Ipad mastery on show as well. It was exciting to see a string section (2 violins and a cello) however, the instruments were poorly miked and lost out to the other amplified musos. Although Naresh’s performance did not seem to be engaging at the start (again displaying some sound issues with alot of microphone feed backs), he got the crowd quickly eating out of hands by the time he finished with cleverly chosen songs from his wide and energetic repertoire. Indeed the evening was moving in a stunning fashion.

The finale act for the evening was Stephen Devassy and the Solid Band. As expected the widely-covered-rockstar-like-entry signature of Stephen with his key-tar was a grandiose showdown with him walking through the crowds to hit the stage. What a performance it was. In true star studded fare, he had top musos on stage with him belting out hits after hits of instrumental music. His featured vocalists were spot on with their renditions and was throwing the crowd into a frenzy. The violinist was par excellent. Stephen well known to be an engaging entertainer had the crown in a very interactive mode. Mostly hits from A.R. Rahman and top bills from the 80’s even, everyone knew the lyrics and sang along. Busting the performance with a hot final number, the crowd clamored to their feet and onward to the dance floor. It was a fabulous festive finish to the 2nd 2018 concert series.

Mojo Projects really do take all reviews and feed backs seriously. All the feed backs from the show in May 2018 was put into effect. The band’s performances were screened well with the accompanying wing projections on both side whilst also having a dance area for ticket buyer this time round. The MC Aanantha THR Raaga who as per always did an impeccable job in tying up all the performance in, this time made sure announcement of beverage sales were made. However, it’s in the admins view that it was strange to allow for beverages sale but not allowed for it to brought in to the performance hall. Many people had to sacrifice their viewing time to finish their drinks outside. On the sound and lights sector, it was exceptionally good lighting throughout the show but much improvement towards the sound and /or sound check could be looked into. Admin also hopes more support and turn up is given towards local acts as they share the stage with all these wonderful acts and do our country proud. Could the start time have been too early for concert throngers? In anycase, much Kudos to Mojo Projects for again delivering a stellar concert. Looking forward to the next installation happening on 7th July 2018- Retro Rahman – A Tribute!

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2018’s Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival 2018 (or the more popular acronym MILFF 2018) had its 3rd year running and ended its final show for the year entitled Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival 2018 MILFF Main Stage last Saturday, 8th September 2018 at Kenanga Wholesales City (KWC), Jalan Kenanga

After 2017’s installation which had the crème de la crème of artistes, it was in everyone’s interest on how this festival will develop over the years to come. Mojo Projects then unveiled its ingenious offer of having not one or two, but 4 shows in a single calendar year. We will need an official feedback from the organizers on the feasibility of this approach in terms of revenue but what happened was a multitude of choice, packages and opportunity to witness a large cascade of musicians and bands over the 4 concerts. Indeed a pleasurable experience for music festival goers at large.

As per norm the VIP and VVIP were treated to a good food spread (it was definitely a lot more than just a mere hi- tea). Concert in true MILFF fashion started sharp on time. The first on stage was Malaysia’s very own #PU4LYF familia. As per pre- concert scoop, the branding put forth a myriad of musicians and DJ’s on stage. For the first time ever, #PU4LYF took it to a notch further with an astounding all Malaysian LIVE band backing them up.  For those who knew them already, their favorite hits was belted out one after another and the crowd getting into a frenzy at’ Vai-lapalam’. These guys really do know how to put on a show, with special mentions to Lawrence Soosai, RABBIT.MAC and Sheezay. Considering the fact that they have one of the largest following in the country, admin would’ve preferred for this act to have come on later part in the evening, where more people arrived at the festival ground.

After a quick chat by the emcee’s with members of #PU4LYF, the stage was set to receive @Satya Prakash vocal, Pooja V. The stage space was used very well, with the layout giving seated musicians as well as standing ones an equal view. Comes in after a couple of songs, is the Maestro himself, Rajesh Vaidya. It has been sometime Malaysia has seen him. If you need to see how a South Indian Classical Veena sound like a rock guitar, ask the Maestro. He had the crowd jumping into a frenzy, while sitting merely, cross legged! His band cleverly supported him with exemplary ‘kunnakol’ and percussive inviting intrusions laid over soothing keys as well. The set ended on an extremely high note. What a rock out!

3rd set was helmed by Sasi The Don, Malaysia’s very own reggae ambassador. This time, he put together an impressive team, with some notable names like Kudin on the keys, Badar on the percussion’s, Sivam on the drums, Saranon vocals. When the set started, the band come on tight and strong. Then the Don takes stage and very soon, many a moment turned south. There was more chatter in the 45 minute set than there was music. Although this marked a probable come back for him, it’s in the admins view that crowd does not need to be reminded of past successes. Every musician knows that any muso is only good as his/her last endeavor.It was evident that the band only had one or few rehearsals together. However, the king of collaborations (past feature tributes include Dr Alban and Apache Indian to name a couple) saved his performance with the surprise cameo of Anuradha Sriram. A ball of energy she was! Belting out a couple of songs with the Don including the new unreleased single of Sasi featuring Anuradha herself. However, a minus one version wasn’t available and the voice over the recording didn’t jive out well. This is the case when sound checking needs to be looked into as no miming is practiced in such LIVE shows. Anuradha then went on to sing a beautiful dedication to Sasi. Admin wished the keys was in sync with Anuradha  but it did not happen right to the end. Overall, an unimpressive showing from this Malaysian act only to be saved by a strong band and featured artist. Hope to see much improvement to come as he makes a comeback.

Taking some time off for the Muslim brethren prayer time the MC’s kept the crowd upbeat with their clever and funny banter, a special mention of MILFF MC staple, Aanantha THR Raaga. Gift of the gap, as they say!

Coming on stage next, was Sean Roldan and band. Now this was the band that admin was waiting for and it did not disappoint. From his originals to his sound track numbers, the band delivered fantastic numbers back to back. Keeping talk to a minimum, sighting a shy nature and a clever ‘speaking in the first’ on scree montage by Sean himself, the set up was entertaining as much as it was enjoyable. The crowd was ecstatic to see this indie artist- turned film music composer giving his best both vocally and at home with his silent guitar. What a band backing the music up so beautifully. A quick mention that the funky bass lines was provided by none other than MILFF favorite, Aalaap Raju. Notable musos, Pradeep Kumar  on the slide guitar and Nikhil Ram e flutist/saxaphonist who stole the hearts of many in the previous installation as well. Two thumbs up.

Throughout the MILFF experience over the last 3 years, many female concert goers were given heart throb moments from many male super stars. This time, then men got feted the same. None other than the lovely Andrea Jeremiah and her band comes on stage. An eye candy for sure, no less in her powerful vocals and repertoire. Backed up eloquently by an amazing band with none other than keyboard muscle, Leon James. Her known hits should have been belted out more but her approach was cleverly festival-esque and her covers delivered none the less. The festival goers were on fire by the time she ended.

The finale for the day, was Benny Dayal and the Funktuation band. Benny delivered 100% of his capacity, his famed numbers and covers at large. The ‘Indian Usher’ with his slick dance moves and vibrant energy had concert goers on their feet. What a crescendo ending!


The seating layout was in the normal sense with rock out places clearly allocated. Enough space at the back for dining and fnb purchase. Over all satisfactory. SEGA IRAMA SDN BHD provided a good lighting delivery. No major feed backs where sound was concerned as well.

Time and crowd management, fnb options, ease of ticketing are few of many attributes Mojo has been able to deliver through its MILFF branding. This finale show for 2018 was in no way any less, if at all only improved as feed backs are taken to heart and implemented wisely.

Now comes to the future and beyond. Being the Malaysian Independent Live Fusion Festival, the tie up with Silver Tree India has been fruitful thus far and India producing many indie outfits sees a continuous supply of musos as well. Will there be an incorporation of Indian fusion acts from other Indian diaspora’s of the globe? Can we be treated to a proscenium seating in installments to come? Only time will tell. Kudos to the organizers and the supporters of MILFF. Keep THRIVING!

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